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Intelligence Gathering & Jujutsu - Part 8 - The Ascension of Judo

So far we have had a brief look at the scope and scale of Japanese Intelligence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  We have also had a brief look at the facts that: As early as 1896 Ryohei Uchida had begun using the Kodokan as cover for the right wing activities of Toyama’s Genyosha and his own Black Dragons. Other Jujutsu dojo were already being used as intelligence posts in Southeast Asia. The practice of martial arts, especially Jujutsu & Judo was an excellent cover, facilitating travel, access to police, military and political officers and premises. The dojo itself as an excellent choice of a cover premises allowing fraternisation of local and itinerant personal, including military personal, without raising suspicion. Determining the exact make-up of martial artists, dojo and intelligence networks is nigh on impossible from the top down, but we can consider the implications to Jujutsu and shed new light on Judo in the process. Let us consider the common fable of Judo: T