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Dealing with Nito Part 3 - Suio Ryu, Masaki-ryu Fukuhara-ha Kusarigamajutsu

With reference to my previous long series on the Kusarigama I would note that, before taking Kusarigama kata on face value, one has to consider whether long-range entanglements of the sword/s are deliberate tactics or unwanted possibilities.  With that in mind let us observe the use of the Kusarigama against an opponent with two swords. 1 The long weapon attacks down the centre, the use of the cross-block means both swords are trapped at the same time.  In my opinion, this may be one of the few times an entangled chain is desirable as both swords are controlled with the chain and the use of the two swords can be detrimental to the leverage advantage of the swordsman. 2 Here the Kusarigama swings in from the side, resulting in a single wrap.  The Kusarigama, now down to just the Kama, adopts a strategy of counter-attacking single handed blows.  It could probably be argued that the swordsman is somehow 'forced' to use single handed blows in a 1-2 timing, rather than simultaneous

Dealing with Nito Part 2 - Shinto Muso Ryu

When talking about Nito, Shinto Muso Ryu must be of interest due to the story of the encounter/s between the school's founder Musō Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi and the most famous adept of Nito swordsmanship Miyamoto Musashi.  I once asked a senior Jodo practitioner about any lore with regards to the method used to defeat Musashi (according to the school) as I presumed this would have been preserved.  The answer I received was that it was the use of Tai Atari , as seen in the Kihon, which is said to have been the technique which overcame the famous warrior (although this, like the story itself, should be considered here-say at best).  We do however see this technique put to use against two swords in the Okuden set. Chudan Kengome Shinto Muso Ryu is interesting as it puts a long(ish) weapon against the two sword style in a few examples.  The Kengome kata from the Chudan set begins with a slow setup, like Kasumi Shinto Ryu, where the Jo user attacks the crossed guard from below, opening the

Dealing with Nito Part 1 - Kasumi Shinto Ryu

I would like to have a look at how some groups deal with Nito as a precursor to looking at Nito itself, at some stage in the future.  By examining the tactics used against Nito we can draw some conclusions about either facing or using this configuration. I would first like to look at Kasumi Shinto Ryu.  I have used some pictures from the old book by Tsunemori Kaminoda to illustrate their approach. I would also comment that I have no knowledge of the Kendo approach with regards to using or facing Nito in the realm of Kendo.   Kasumi Shinto Ryu consists of a limited number of kata and only one deals with Nito; Nito Ai.  In some information with regards to stances at the start of the work, and advisory picture with regards to the crossed 'guard' is shown. The kata begins here: The key action actually takes place somewhat slowly, in setting up the beginning of the kata - not an unusual event for something related to Shindo Muso Ryu.  The proponent with the single sword comes up thr