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The Riddle of Steel: Budo & the Apple Watch

The reader may be familiar with a current advertisement from Apple with regards to their latest watch, known as 'Better You'.  The premise is that by using the functions of the watch, the owner can incrementally adjust their lifestyle to a more healthy one.  The notion is actually a parallel with associations many people have with martial arts, particularly modern Budo (which most people probably term 'Traditional Martial Arts'). I will link the add here if you have not seen it, however, this is not a monetised blog so I receive no benefit from you watching it (and Apple has not paid me although I would happily accept their cash). The add, of course, tries to have the person watching buy into the idea that if they purchase the watch they too can make their life better.  The same is often understood to be true in modern Budo whereby the practitioner gradually 'polishes their spirit' through participation.  There is a consequent link that results, that is the a

Asymmetry & The Loser of 60 Duels

Asymmetry is a crucial factor in considering the strategic precepts of Jujutsu.  Continuing with the theme of concepts illustrated by Jukendo kata, I will attempt to articulate why this concept is so important and as an aside, how many 'modern' martial arts (or more specifically combat sports) can often be subject to the pitfall of symmetry. I'd start by reminding the reader that I do not know anything about Jukendo other than what I observe, and therefore would not rely on my thoughts if constructing an essay on the essence of Jukendo.  We do however find in the Jukendo kata something that is often missing - comprehensive asymmetry. The kata do not simply include fixed bayonet vs fixed bayonet for Jukendo and bayonet vs bayonet for Tankendo.  There is fixed bayonet vs bayonet, fixed bayonet vs sword and bayonet vs sword - all of which contain successful outcomes for both sides.  This comprehensive asymmetry is a rare treasure. The essence of my own school's strategies