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Musashi's Book of Five Rings - The Missing Training Methods

In the Water scroll, as Musashi’s advice becomes more specific, we must turn to an often-overlooked factor when considering his writings – his training methods.  He often finished a section by saying drill yourself thoroughly in these techniques, practice this cadence repeatedly, learn how to apply this method – but how exactly?  Consideration of training methods is one of the most overlooked pieces of research with regard to Musashi. When we consider that Musashi and his contemporaries were concerned with preparation for combat we can quickly come to the somewhat obvious conclusion that it is doubtful those methods used by current koryu practitioners were the only training methods used at the time.  In Jujutsu we are aware that many of the training methods used around the time of the Meiji restoration were not successfully transmitted into the Showa period. When considering a training program in any era, especially with regards to traditional martial arts, what is typical is to outli