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Jukendo & Tankendo - A Brief Introduction

In an interesting aside, W E Fairbairn witnessed a competition between Japanese and English soldiers whilst stationed in Korea around 1903.  The roughness and effectiveness of the Japanese left an impression on him.  “…For the first time, we had been hit with the butt of the rifle, tripped and thrown and what was worse, shouted at by our opponents.” I should begin by saying, as an outsider, I am a big fan of many technical aspects of Jukendo & Tankendo.  Previously, I had included Jukendo on articles on the spear however this did not do Jukendo justice and as Jukendo and Tankendo are separate forms of Budo in their own right I have elected to expand on some things (and ignore some others) in an attempt to give an overview of these two martial arts. Interestingly, the vast majority of current Jukendo & Tankendo ‘players’ are within the Japanese military and it is not as mainstream as many other Budo.  The profile of these arts has been raised recently with the Japanese governmen

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