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Dealing with Nito Part 4 - What was Musashi Thinking?

Last month I looked at those koryu schools that have an 'anti-nito' component - I was able to only find three examples, two of which are related.  Of course, it is normally true that one should be getting something out of both sides of a kata, and I have not looked at the actions of the 'loser' in the many schools in which the 'winner' employs nito.  That is for another series.  We can, however, look for some common threads within the limited scope of the material covered (and if you have other credible koryu examples, let me know in the comments). From Kasumi Shinto Ryu we have: Attack the weak direction of the crossed block or guard through the centre. Take the centre once the guard opens and look for an opportunity to counter a single-handed blow with the long sword. From Shindo Muso Ryu using a longish weapon we have: Attacking the mid to high crossed guard (or arms) from below. Opening the crossed guard to take the centre. Countering single handed blows. At

Tozando 2019 Essay Contest Winner: Olympics & Budo - A Questionable Mix

I managed to win the Tozando 2019 Essay writing contest with my article Olympics & Budo - A Questionable Mix .  I believe I was lucky in selecting a good topic on which to write.  I do feel that I should have put a little more time into it given the wide audience it will reach, however, it is a reasonably good example of the sort of opinion piece one would find on this blog.